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black waltzes

music for the moody, the melancholy, and the macabre

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BW is a music community dedicated to lost souls, black hearts, wayfaring strangers, the haunted and hallowed, darkened alleys and mercy seats, the wicked and weird, and all that is broken, funereal, depraved and divine. We're interested in the "intangible noir" of music in all genres, be it gothic rock, dark cabaret, midnight jazz, gothic americana/southern gothic, dark ambient, industrial, metal, rock, post-rock, trip hop, classical, etc. If it's brimming with loneliness, hexes, grit, blood, and sorrow, this is where it belongs.

Reviews and mixes are welcome. Any music shared is for evaluation purposes only, and we strongly encourage members to support the artists they discover by purchasing their music. (See the community guidelines for more information.)

This is a friends-locked community. To view entries and participate, you will need to join and become a member. Once you have joined, please read the community guidelines.

Membership is currently unmoderated, but could change if quality-control becomes an issue. We strongly encourage active participation, be it posting or commenting.


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